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Thread: sarah kilkenny not a independant

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    Exclamation sarah kilkenny not a independant

    was in killkenny in wednesday 12th march, was thinking abt seeing that new girl sarah, told her i was in kilkenny, told me to go to a place then i was to ring her again, she said ring back in 2 min and she would see was girls were available to see me, so obvious was a agency, so left and didnt bother to meet, what do u all think??????????

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    We are all shocked!!!!!!!

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    Default A man of principle????

    Are you some kind of fucking simpleton? Who gives a fuck if she was a member of an agency or the fucking SAS. The purpose of the excerise was to bone her not to check her credentials. Fuck me, you have completely lost the plot. But I see your point, lets all agree here and now that all ladies provide us with a full verified background check before they take their knickers off.
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