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Thread: latest review of Brown Sugar

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    Exclamation latest review of Brown Sugar

    The latest review (positive which is not a surprise in the slightest) is dated for March 15th in Cork. How can this have happened when the lady in question in her profile states she is only in Cork today 16.03.08???

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    Default Met Brown sugar in Dublin

    To answer your question bumman, i met with the lady in question last night in Dublin
    Tho when submitting the reveiw , i could not find her in the dublin section...hence typing cork
    My mistake, i should have stated that id met brown sugr in Dublin

    How can i change this?

    A Hummer is Mans best friend

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    Exclamation Brown Sugar review

    Once its submitted Im not sure how you change it (Pat/Nat/Sarah are the best to ask)

    No worries man.

    You cant fail but have a good time with this lady thats for sure

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    I still disagree.
    I submitted my profile on 15th mid day,brown shugar probably after me,as she is submitted afterwards.
    Hummer submitted review on her on 15th as he tought she will be online on site on 15th.
    Yesterday after all profiles were updated,no one added any profiles any more,so she did not appeared online.

    So that is how come review submitted on 15th,but lady appeared online on 16th

    It happined before week ago or so when guy submitted review befor lady as advertised.

    Hopefully i am wrong,but with all these fake reviews no one gets trusted any more.
    If Hummer would of had any reviews already that some other guys met,i would of never doubted
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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