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Thread: Multiple smell of rats and chain of scams....This one amazes me

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    Talking Multiple smell of rats and chain of scams....This one amazes me

    Review 001953 is about Karol,but reviewer manpower says "Barbara is a really pretty slim girl"

    Escort Reviews: Review 001953 review about Karol,but reviewer Cock of the west states 'but Alexandra did work every minute '

    Escort Reviews: Review 002069 Review about Tiffany,but Cock of the west states 'Jane had a nice tan and'...

    It is not positive one,but more likely damaging someones reputation???
    Escort Reviews: Review 001961 is about Debora,but manpower says 'definitely go back. Thanks Gabrieli.'

    Escort Reviews: Review 001760 review on Natasha by perlenbacher,and he states I have had a little time with Pricila.

    Then Irishman sees 6 escorts in same day
    002111 Sol Limerick irishman 02/09/07
    002110 Karol Limerick irishman 02/09/07
    002109 Natasha Limerick irishman 02/09/07
    002108 Debora Cork irishman 02/09/07
    002107 Cati Cork irishman 02/09/07
    002106 Kelly Cork irishman 02/09/07

    Where manpower has same taste as irishman,and can see 'some other time' 4 same escorts as irishman 'in row''
    001963 Laiza Limerick manpower 08/08/07
    001962 Karol Limerick manpower 08/08/07
    001961 Debora Limerick manpower 08/08/07
    001960 Natasha Limerick manpower 08/08/07
    001959 Sol Cork manpower 08/08/07

    25/08/07 manpower has difficulies to spell word 'servise' in review of Sol

    04/09/07 irishman has a pretty bad language barier 'spock her on the phone' 'incluse' 'Thania is a agency' 'Guys becarefull when to find that lady probable will to meet a man in her place...'

    These guys must be really confused and with bad memory if cant remember any of girls names,what amazes me-multiple different guys cant remember names ot these 'bunch of girls'

    Both guys tend to use lots of '..........' and lots of '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    You have been busy Anna, fair play to your powers of detection, maybe you should join a law inforcement agency, just not in this juristiction.
    Keep up the good work

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