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    Another Agency Has Just Been Robbed In Dundalk Today,,they Booked In As A Client And When The Lady Opened The Door,they Pushed Her To The Ground On Entry.the Very Same Two Scumbags That Robbed In Naas On Sunday Night,this Time They Produced An Id Card Making Out They Were The Police And Wanted To Search The Apartment,when The Lady Told Them To Get Lost That It Was Student Id Card He Punched Her In The Face And Produced A Knife Screaming They Wanted All The Money,they Took The Money And Ran,very Hard Men Indeed,their Boss Who Run's Agencies Himself Must Be Very Quite At Present That He Has To Send His Little Toe Rags Out To Rob Other Agencies To Make His Money,how Sad Greed Is A Terrible Thing,why Cant You Be A Man And Go Rob A Bank If Your That Stuck For Money,beating And Robbing Girl's Is A Scumbag's Game.....the Number This Time Was *phone No. removed*

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    Hi watching,are the girl's ok have they been badly hurt,This crowd should be locked up for good,i also had a problem with this man while i was working in waterford a crowd of bullies,jealous i was going to make some money,i have also spoke to a lot of other girls in the business who have run into trouble with this guy as well it's turning girls off from coming to ireland to work with him carrying on like this,some of the girls havetold me they have been to the police about this guy and have been able to identify the guy's that beat them so why are they not locked up

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