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    Question Verified Photographs

    Can I be raelly sure that the verified photos are really genuine? Who verifies them?

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    The verified photos really should be accurate.

    We have a number of checks we make before we verify a photo. Usually we have seen the girl ourselves or somebody else we feel is trustworthy is backing up her claim they are genuine and recent.

    I won't say it is impossible a verified photo could be a fake, because things do get past us very occassionally, but certainly if we ever receive any complaints from punters than a verified photo is a fake we take them very seriously and remove the verified mark whilst we investigate. After all, what's the point of having verified photos if they can't be relied upon at all.

    All non-verified photos we cannot assure our website users are genuine of course. That's why they are not marked as verified. Doesn't mean they are fake, just means we can't assure you they are genuine.


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