Right a last rant for ye.

Here are a few things that crack me up.In fact for entertainment purposes or even mental therapy ,i find them constipating.I have heard or seen them lots and lots and lots and lots of times (abit like my leaving here)

Anyway,here we go,

reviews, one today,made by the escorts new male partner for a huge ammount and of course got every service available bar clearing his loans.Please use your heads and at least wait a week or two because this is getting hilarious.This escort knows who she is and abused the review system before.

more reviews, again done by the escorts duo partner and i would imagine that the escort is returning the favour.Alot (i didnt say all) reviews state services that were received but incredibly the reviewer never reviews again.The services received by this unique reviewer are of course the ones that some (not me,i could care less) crib and rant about not getting...owo,cim,etc etc the controversial ones.

Escorts stopping the job.I have heard this more times than ive heard my farts.The next time i hear it,i will respectfully and most sincerely string myself up.

Escorts calling out the moral views of another.Like i said on IIE.If you do watersports etc then im afraid you really cant state much about the lack of morality of another.Pissing is pissing.I use a toilet but apparently a few use someones head.Give me a break please.

Escorts, after visiting a site of an Anti-West escort,i was fascinated by what i read.Really fascinated.Now get this.She states and this is the way she puts it.We have a great time together ,but when time is up time is up and your out,and if you want to meet someone for a social drink then get a gf.Now ,got that?Great,this same escort and this really brings tears to my eyes,gives a list of gifts?????????????Sorry babe,you want gifts get a bfor better still buy a few doormats.

I go to escorts because gfs are more expensive or whatever.To be perfectly blunt about it,if your dating a gf and she is really digging deep into your pocket and knows it,you have one of three things,
A golddigger,someone who you cant afford to date or someone who really doesnt give a shit about you ,only herself.Dump all three because as soon as they find someone with deeper pockets theyll dump you.Relationships are 50/50 and you cant buy love.Grows a pair of balls and dump people that treat you bad.

The big one.Is this safe???Im thinking of giving it to someone up that arse.Is it safe?Or is OWO safe??Well,i hate to burst your bubble but unless you have access to the other persons blood tests and serum tests,then unless your a medic and are willing (no pun intended) to stick a scope up a persons arse than your taking a chance.You may cross the road today and be killed,you may drop dead of liver failure from your next drink,you may clot up and get a stroke or heart attack.Who knows.You may also get an STD from practicing "ANY" form of unprotected sexual practice where you ahve a movement of bodily fluids from one person to the other.

Any decent punt in cork??etc etc .Heres is a little story.A former escort named Au mmmmmmmmm Patricia decided to become an internet icon and form a few sites for the purpose of escortism.One of these sites is called
http://www.escort-ireland.com try it sometime,you might find it useful.

Theres probably more but these are the ones that crucify me.

Reese's Arifitcial Peanut Butter Cup Recovery bath. I did this in contrast to soaking my shaved nuts in rubbing alcohol.

Damn i fell refreshed