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Thread: Anyone been with Ulrika??

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    Default Anyone been with Ulrika??

    She looks great in the photo's, however i'm reluctant to take the plunge on two counts, the first is obviously the lack of reviews and the second reason is the fact that she charges 400 !! for the first hour, given that most girls charge 250 per hour, irrespective of extra's, this makes Ulrika 60 % more expensive than the usual price, fair play to the girl if she can get it, but is she 60% better than the other escorts.?
    I'd like to hear the feed-back.

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    On the face of it, the chances of you not being disappointed are somewhere between slim and nil. It almost looks like a wind up. You could make a date but have a contingency lined up which will make it easier to walk out if you dont like the deal.
    I like to see a range of prices with girls working hard to get the good reviews to justify a higher price. However this woman has nothing to support a high price and the admitted age of 35 does not bode well.

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    No reviews yet either. Its a gamble that someone might take, i'll wait for their review. I've done my fair share of getting stung, its someone else's turn now.
    Have you written your reviews?

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