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Thread: Anyone been with this girl?

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    Default Anyone been with this girl?

    Anyone been? Photos are supposedly genuine, but are they? She looks great. If anyone has seen her let us know

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    I posted on the good escorts thread about Sweet Lolita. I saw her yesterday and she's beautiful. Lovely girl. I can't say 100% if the pics are genuine but her breasts were very similar. She has a very pretty face too.

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    So why not post a review?????

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    I did post a review, nearly 6 days ago. It was a pretty long one too. They must have decided not to put it up. I can't imagine it should take too long to check through. Can you tell me how long it usually takes for reviews to get uploaded? I'm a bit peed off as I put a bit of effort into it.

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    Hi cittigazze,

    Got the review you posted today, but I'm afraid we didn't get anything previous to this, so a tech glitch must have occurred.

    My apologies,

    Pat x

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    I posted a review of Lynne at roughly the same time which did not materialise. I have since reposted it.

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