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    Default Improvement 2 reviews

    a) The problem with fake reviews is exacerbated by the paucity of genuine ones.
    I would reckon that only a very small percentage of liaisons are reviewed.
    Could you put a request at the top of the review page for customers to
    become members and submit their own reviews.

    b) It would help in assessing reviews if a link could be provided to the members

    c) It would help in making reviews of touring girls if a way could be found to do
    this for say a week after they have moved on.


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    Default I agree.

    I agree with Driver. I'm mostly with touring girls and as a result I don't have the time to review them after my immediate service. They've been some amazing ladies that have slipped through the review process and its a shame. Nice idea Driver.

    The Nature-Boy Ric Flair,


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