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    It would be a help to both escorts and clients if details of touring escorts could be put up a few days or a week before they arrive. This would also give the escorts and yourself time to sort out any missing profiles.

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    I was going to say this...
    Well, actually something similar-
    My thought was, that girls be listed in the area they're going to a couple of days beforehand-
    For instance, when I have been touring more than one place in a week, sometimes my ad doesn't change to the new town until i've already left it...
    Even when the ads do turn over as they should though, If a girl is only in a place for a short while, it can be v. helpful to the clients who want to see her, to know in advance, even by a couple of days, so they can book...

    Even if there was just a list of links alongside the 'in town xxx' escorts, under a 'coming soon' title.

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    Thanks for your suggestion diver.

    It is actually up to the ladies if their touring ad goes up a few days early or not.

    Agreed with Appoline, if ladies are touring multiple towns in a row there isn't a way for them to be put up early in new towns. That's because when our systems were designed ladies were not really doing this. Now some are, we are going to try to come up with a soultion, but it is hard to be honest, as it may mean completely redesigning the site, which is a lot of work.

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    The problem being that the profile can only be under one location at a time? You are able to add links as we can on this board? Ideally, on the home page of each county, under the photos of the latest arrivals would be a list of names of those escorts expected in the coming week. The names would be linked to the escorts profile.
    Alternatively, could the touring escort thread on the board be subdivided by county and girls could post their own dates and links with the messages being deleted automatically after a few weeks. This would make it easier and quicker to access.

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