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Thread: A little helping hand to anyone who needs it

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    Smile A little helping hand to anyone who needs it

    From some strange reason i have heard alot thsi Xmas people saying they want to lose weight. And no ,im not referring to the bullshit below.The art of losing weight has being turned into a tirade of scientific bullshit,in an attempt by those who market something ,to make your mind believe that you need their gadget.You need our super pills,you need our ab roller (please).So here is my Xmas present to anyone who wants to lose weight.

    (a) Move more ,eat less.Simplae as that burn more than you put in and youll lose it.

    (b) dont go by the measuring tape or scales.The mirror cant lie.Some ,because of the exercise increase their lean mass will decreasing bodyfat.So even though you could have lost the pelvic loaf you could add lean body mass.Muscle takes up less space than fat but is twice as heavy.Slimmer you but still weigh around the same.

    (c) Control your urge for binges.This is the killer.Depression causes sugar cravings,sugar cravings cause fat.Simple as that.Whenever youll feel like going for that junk bring up the vision of how youll feel when you lose the fluff.I cant help with your depression,only you know the answer to this.Just realise that whats causing you to be depressed no is your own thinking and wont mean anything in a years time.Its only temporary.Alot of people who suffer from depression have two probs with it.Firstly they think its perminant and secondly they think their mind has changed.Bullshit to both.Get euphoric about your goals.

    (d) Without going into the goods and bads too much as far as diet goes,

    Stick with low fat proteins like fish and chicken and increase the ammount you consume.
    Lower your carb intake and stick with carbs like brown rice,pasta,wholewheat bread.If you dont like em find some that you do like.Mix some low fat sauce with the rice or pasta if you need it for taste.Increase your water intake and drop milk,limit tea and coffee.Allow yourself one cheat meal per week and enjoy it.Really go to town on it.Sat is ideal.A cheat meal,not a fuckin cheat day.There is a big difference.

    (e) Keep away from negative people and if you cant then just keep your opinion s and qs to yourself.People generally will hold you back if they think you could look better etc.Fuck em.

    (f) If you cant hit the gym ,stop looking for excuses.Buy some weights. Train four times per week.

    Twice on non consecutive days do a full bodyworkout.Google it becuase i dont have the patience here.

    Twice on again tow non consecutive days ,do cardio,start low impct and increase intensity slowly and increase to higher impact.Walk to swim to run.If you cant swim ,get lessions and check out the talent while your at it.

    Walk alot,min of a mile a night ,rain,sun or snow.Walk fast and pupm that blood into your heart.Buy a stationary bike ,real cheap that you can use at home.Go about a half hour in front of your tv.Sex is great too.Lose weight and keep your partner,i should be a fukcin therpist.Again stop looking for fuckin excuses.

    You could go like this,

    Monday...full body ..weights
    Tus.......walk and /or bike
    Wed.....Cardio day
    Thurs...walk and /or bike
    Fri........full body ..weights
    Sat....walk and /or bike
    Sun...walk and /or bike.

    Dont have time??Again excuses.An hour a day ,two on sat and sun .Common for christs,do the math.

    (g) When traing abs ,start standing,progress to kneeling and finally lying.Do sit ups and youll fuck up your lower back.And no ,throw that stupid neck brace ab machine combo out in the trash where it belongs.Again google as i dont have the patience with this.

    (h) Start now ,not in Jan. Still eat and enjoy Xmas but get into the habit of exercise right now.

    Hope this helps.Trust me ,do this and youll lose lots of weight.You can thank me later.My Xmas present to you.If your not fat then you get fuck all from me.

    Are you Curvy Sweetie??

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    Quote Originally Posted by westside View Post
    Are you Curvy Sweetie??
    Damm right baby... When you get to my age you need a little cushioning on your bones ;-)

    Now I did say on the other thread that this wasn't a health advice site, but as I know you meant this well and for everyone and are only trying to help, I won't censor you.

    But I'm warning anyone who comes on here without your good intentions that Pat is not suffering eejits that seek to put Big Beautiful Women down glady this Yuletide.

    At this Holy time of year I'm taking tips from Our Father on moderating this message board...

    And God loves a trier, but he hates an arshole...

    Pat x

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