Just to let you guys know my 'Alisha' story so you dont end up wasting a half day like I did yesterday....

Called Alisha around 1pm and arranged a meet-up at her place in Dublin 8 for 4pm. As I was arranging this, I asked why she didnt have reviews/verified pics and looked for confirmation that the pics (which look good!) were actually pics of her. She confirmed they were but I must admit that I got a funny feeling all was not as it seemed.

Nevertheless, the appointment was made and I travelled 1 hour to her place and arrived just in time. Then followed a series of calls and texts over the next 30 mins to her fone ... none of which were answered

I suppose it was a lesson to me to follow my gut instincts in future ... If something does not seem quite right, it probably isn't !!

Just thought I'd post it here as she does not allow reviews ( surprise surprise !) in case anyone else has been thinking of meeting Alisha , or for that matter in case someone has already met her and wants to add their tuppence worth.