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Thread: galway street scene

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    any updates on the street scene in galway?

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    Post galway street scene


    i don't understand the reason why you would be looking for a street scene in galway when you can pay the same money and can get a better service in a private and more comfortable atmosphere in an escort property...

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    I have done both street girls and escorts, and with a street girl, you see her, agree what your gonna do, agree the price and go do it.

    With an escort, its you agree to meet her, give her the money, she then tells you "I don't do kissing, you can't play with my tits, here's my pussy cum quickly and u can leave". Even if she is a dog you feel inclined to pay her, because her pimp could batter you if he finds out.

    As for price wise most street girls will give sex for under a hundred, where as the minimum for an escort is 150. And if it is a quiet night and she is not getting any action, or if the weather is shite, she might give you a couple of hours for only 200 euros. I have never heard of an escort doing that.

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    I don't know if there is any Galway street scene.

    I have availed of the street scene in Dublin and Limerick and as hornd0g states above, it is a different scene.

    You may only want a guick meeting and you can argue the price.

    Bring it on, I would welcome a street scene in Galway but it would have to be very discreet as Galway is a small place.

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    galman let me know if you find one am a vetern of picking up girls in dublin and would love to find somewhere in galway

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberman View Post
    any updates on the street scene in galway?
    any1 know if there is a street scene in galway city bein lookin but no joy... any 1 know places let me know tks

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    yeah I'd like to know if anyone has had any luck? I was checkin out the quays, sex shop etc. between 3.30 and 4.30am and no luck like u irl8fit

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    Default apt

    anyone know of an apt in galway somewhere for weekend work or an idea where in galway would be ideal please?

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    there is a girl working in galway on the street she is the best
    in the car

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    Default galway girl

    and where does she work from?

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