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Thread: What to do if an escort has no reviews?

  1. Question What to do if an escort has no reviews?

    So I'm wondering, all the sites I've read which give advice say that one should read reviews before deciding if an escort is for you.

    It's good advice but what to do when there are no reviews for the escort, i.e. when she's new or from outside Ireland.

    So what to do then? Is the unknown enough to make one you wait for someone else to take the plunge and provide a review for you?

    So I'm wondering what do people do when there are no reviews to check up on for a particular escort. Do you move on to another automatically as it's too risky?

    Your thoughts....................

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    well somebody must take a chance or they would have no clients. my advise is if u like the profile, ring the lady and ask what is provided what are extras etc so when u arrive for ure appointment verify what was said on the phone and if there is any change walk away. This should work reasonably well with independents.
    If somebody else answers it 99% of the time it will be an agency, my views are well known on this as i think u are then entering a total lottery so my advice stay away!!
    ultimately the descision is yours but remember its easier spend money than make it.

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    That's good advice. I think I've decided who to try and I'll remember what you said.

    One things for sure......I'll definitely be posting a review afterwards.

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    My personal opinion on this is

    If she allows reviews and has none then I will check the message boards to see if there is any chatter about her. If not and I like the look of her profile, I will, to quote Ber "take a hit for the team" and write a review.

    If she allows reviews and has some I will read them and make up my mind. Also, I will read other reviews by the same reviewers to make sure they are kosher.

    If she does not allow reviews chances are I will not visit her. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but the exceptions are usually well documented in these boards.

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