I guess the reason guys still ask is either because they haven't read my profile or they don't believe what they read in profiles. But I do exactly what it says on the tin. So read my profile and approach in faith. I don't believe in bait and switch!

I'm black.
I'm smooth skinned.
I'm busty.
I'm mature (possibly as mature as it gets in Escort La La Land)
I'm great company.
I offer anal because I enjoy it. But I only enjoy it if you enjoy it!
I have nurse, school girl, French Maid, Office Secretary and PVC leotard. And thigh high boots.
I have stockings and suspenders.
I've got a teeny weeny strap-on, and a no nonsense 10 inch strap on.
I give a great massage.

If you want to book, half an hour's notice is often sufficient. But if I'm in a booking already, our out shopping, there may be a delay. I've learnt the hard way not to allow first time clients to make appointments. But if you've seen me before, or if you're one of the three people on EI that have bothered to review me, I'll accept and agree to a specific appointment and expect you to stick to it.

I will not respond to text messages, especially since most of them ask for information already covered in either my profile or forum posts like this. Hence back to my opening line: stop asking, for goodness sake if my rate includes anal sex.

Whether you're booking half an hour or booking me for the hour, you have the option to prise apart my ample and softly cushioned butt cheeks and show me what you'r emade of! The only difference is that someone booking me for the hour may nail that arse more than the one shot you get in a half hour booking. Imagine how many times you'd get to tap that beauty in the course of an overnight?

See you in Cork. And Killarney on Thursday!