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    Well I had to laugh when I saw these pictures wheeled out again. This must be double digits this pimp has pushed out these pictures to advertise girls. FFS buddy get a grip on yourself will you. The Internet is literally teeming with pictures of beautiful looking girls and you wheel out the same ones time and again.

    Black mark for EI for tolerating it

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    It says they're verified.
    Born into this world, they say you're born with Sin. Well at least they gave me something I didn't have to steal or have to win.

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    Here we are a week to the day since I pointed this out and check out the 2 reviews

    Both confirming not the person in question. Yet the pics are verified and the profile rumbles on.

    I think it makes a mockery of the girls that are genuine. I'd bet a pretty penny the girl that you would go to see if you called the number has not even seen her profile on here.
    Yet EI run a poll on the home page to protect the working girl.

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    As it happens, the verification picture does match that of the escort. I'll bring this to Ad Staff's attention so they can contact the escort about this and see what she says.

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