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Thread: couple of Asian escorts, Dublin, elsewhere Ireland, or UK

  1. Default Wanted Asian escort(s), Dublin, elsewhere Ireland, or UK

    Hi girls,

    Married businessman is looking for two or three female Asian escorts for an evening or weekend. I spent a couple of years in Asia myself and would like to speak Thai with you. Or you speak Japanese, Vietnamese, or Chinese...

    I'm in travel business and can arrange to meet in a nice hotel in Ireland or the UK.

    If you are Asian, but don't know of any other Asian person to join, I don't mind of you suggest another exotic or caucasian girl.

    Whoever replies, I would like to see some photos. As I like a pretty face I would like to see your face as well as your body. But, I understand if you want to hide this for now.

    I prefer short, slim/skinny and very long hair. But am open minded. The pleasure you can give is more important of course.

    I'm not rich, but understand you have to eat as well. Just understand I have to eat as well.

    I like to please you girls. So, you (or at least one of you) must be able to experience pleasure from a customer as well. You can direct me. I am not into pain, animals, or kids. I'm Dutch, 37 years of age. My looks are reasonable, still get some compliments as if I'm handsome and 28... Physically I should do more exercise, but not that bad.

    If we click and get along I may become repeat business for one of you.

    Send me an e-mail with your details, proposal etc. Oh, I'm not a cop, will respect your privacy, not a nutcase... Don't know what else you would like to know, ask!

    Take care,

    (don't bother sending spam, or adding this to mailing list)
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