Please read the review of Sofi on 10/11.

Nice review isnt it.

Here is Sofi response to this which has being added to the review by "The Sweetie".

<Sofi has contacted us today to assure us that she is not responsible for these fake reviews. Sometimes people with an agenda try to create problems for escorts and she believes these fake reviews are the work of someone trying to cause problems for her. She has also said that she tries to provide a very good service to all her clients, and pointed out to us that she has had many other reviews and positive feedbacks from genuine clients. We agree that she does have several positive feedbacks and reviews from clients that we believe are genuine. She has also said that she is going to not let this setback get her down and she will carry on trying to provide the best service possible and not simply opt out of the reviews system because of this hitch. I personally respect her for that and think that is the best decision. Many ladies opt out of the reviews system at the first sign of criticism, but I am glad that Sofi has not decided to do that, and I wish her all the best in the future.>

Now Pat,i understand that you are only posting what Sofi herself told you so your not at fault here by Jesus, I think Sofi needed planning permission to be born.Why in the name of God, would anyone see this review as causing problems ,with a hidden agenda and a setback???Again maybe im wrong here but if a person had a hidden agenda wouldnt they post a bad review and not a good one? Sofi even goes out of her way to state that she has several positive reviews??Mmmm Sofi sweetie, that is a positive review?

Im constipated to say the least,