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Thread: What did you do???

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    Default What did you do???

    Thankfully for me when i started seeing escorts i found this web site,iv found my time here to be most enjoyable and a real eye opener.I find the forum and chatroom most informative,
    my question is for the lads that have been doing this for a while now
    how did you get to see escorts back in the day when there was no website?
    what was your experience like?
    have you any stories to share?
    how has e-i changed your punting ways?
    did you guys really find numbers in phone box`s.

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    In Dublin magazine and hot press both ran ads for escorts.

    There were very few that I was aware of and service wasnt as good as on here.

    I saw someone mention Marina here a couple of days ago. She was the only 'regular' I ever had.

    Small world !!
    The elephant is the ONLY mammal that can't jump

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