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Thread: Midlands Agency Death Threats - Agency's Front Man Now Identified

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    Default Midlands Agency Death Threats - Agency's Front Man Now Identified

    Hi, The Missus again

    More updates on the continual Death Threats from Midlands Agency. I can now tell you that tonight at 9PM a Petrol Bomb was ACTUALLY thrown through the apartment of a Midlands Escort, who worked for the Agency. The Midlands agency behind all of these threats has now been identified as an Agency in Athlone, Any Google Search will tell you who they are. The girl who was attacked tonight used to work for this agency, the front runner being a man that not only beats up his escorts so they are frightened to go independant but also pushes drugs to 12 year olds.

    So to all Escorts and Punters, The man behind these threats that you have been reading about runs an Agency in ATHLONE. Google it, but DONT USE IT.

    We also have the License Plate and would be interested in hearing from anyone who can trace it for us ???? so we can deal with this without going to Garda, The reason being that apparantly this guy has "friends" in the Athlone Garda, That's corrupt policing for you.

    Discression assured of course.

    The Missus

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    The Beauty of the Internet !!

    I can now give you updates as they are happening, Right now at Midnight there is a dark car with a white stripe circling around in the apartment block where I and the other escort are located. Maybe something else is going to happen tonight. It's been doing this for an hour and a half now. Hmmmm is this intimidation ???

    We are eagerly awaiting another threat or attack.

    This man has to be got, In fact I am sure he lurks on these forums, because he can only of obtained my number through my advert on this site.

    So if its YOU pal, remember there is always a bigger fish out there, the christmas u get is the christmas u deserve pal. Any man that beats up women and pushes drugs to 12 year old is nothing less than a bully. Youve been threatening now for 6 weeks, lets see what your made of. Bring it on pal - u wont last 5 secs.

    We have you on voice recorder, video, we have the address of your appartments in Mullingar and Athlone, We know what car u drive.

    Its just a matter of time !

    The Missus

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    The more of these updates we get the more suspicious of you.........Missus.......I become.

    You, or one of your friends have just been petrol bombed but you don't go to the gardai....................he has a "friend" there.

    Interesting..............but highly unlikely that this friend can control the whole force of 124 gardai that are attached to the Athlone Gardai Division.

    So this guy that you alledge is threating you and your friends is selling drugs to 12yr olds...............................why does the Drug Squad not know about this ?..... why have you not come forward with this information and evidence to the Gardai? ........ and failing a positive response from them why have you not approached the newspapers?

    Maybe this is just a ploy on your part to discredit this agency................its starting to look more and more like it every time you come here with what is obviously an over the top and paranoid posting.

    Either get the Gardai and the newspapers involved or stop posting these silly allegations, or what appear as silly allegations in light of the fact that you are acting in a very very very silly fashion.

    Now I take escort security seriously as indeed do most punters and escorts but you, Missus, are in danger of compromising other escorts' security by these apparently banal claims. What happens if there ever is a real threat? who will believe you?

    Its postings like yours that make punters think that all escorts believe that someone is out to get them.

    I hope that I don't offend any escorts, as that is not my intention, with what seems like a very offhand reply to these updates but the world of escorting, while being lucrective, is not the "Mafia" style of criminal activity that some escorts seem to imagine and would like us to imagine also.

    There are always threats, in practically every business and walk of life, and there are always way and means to deal with them. Where the threats are real and physical then the Gardai can deal with them................and do.

    Oh! by the way next time please publish the name of the garda that you speak to in Athlone................not the name of the "corrupt" garda but the one you contact about the petrol bomb so that we can also contact him about a follow-up. This information you should also forward to the newspaper................again let us know which paper so that we can follow that up also. Naming this Garda, here on E-I should not compromise this site and would most likely be welcomed by the Gardai themselves as it will help them establish if there is a "corrupt" member of the force at work in their Division.

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    Default ???

    Would you be a Garda by any chance Magicman??

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    No.................I am not a member of the Garda, but if I am threatened I would make sure that I let them know and if I thought for a moment that one of their members was corrupt I would go straight to the newspapers with that report and whatever edivence I had......................not here on this site.

    This site is a great site for finding out about good/bad escorts, their prices and services but it is not and should not be considered a site that can do anything about threatening behaviour. There are people paid to deal with those problems and that is to whom someone who feels they are under threat or who are being petrol-bombed should resort to

    Too often people say "what are the Gardai doing"..........or "if they were doing their job this wouldn't happen" but if they are not told of a situation then how can they be expected to cope with problems?

    It not that I am uncaring in this regard towards escorts, indeed, it is because I am caring, but in a responsible manner, and want the best service for them that they can get to solve such problems that threatens them physically.


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    Well Magicman, It seems like your a tad touchy???

    This is the WARNING section of the site, I have posted nothing but the truth in an attempt to warn other Midlands based escorts. Why??? because I care, NOT because I wish to discredit any agency.

    The only people discrediting this agency is the agency themselves, I tell you what, google them and use them, Then you will see for yourself what kind of show they are running. If they ran their business properly in the first place they would not feel threatened by independents because there clients would come back time and time again for repeat bookings.

    You have to understand that there is more to this than what has been posted here, At this stage only so much can be said. I have warned other escorts of who the agency are, just in case they want to work for them, and also provided partial numbers of the mobiles belonging to some of the threatening callers, This is also to warn escorts. I dont care either way if a punter wants to use this agency, thats up to them, so I dont see how I can be discrediting them.

    The girl who was petrol bombed lives accross the way from me, I can only post about what I know. Ever thought that because this agency guy has been beating her up that she might be too scared to go to the gards????? ............ again hence the reason I am making the happenings known on this forum.

    I myself have received over 100 calls from this guy, I have him on tape, I have a video of him or one of his cronnies enterting and leaving my apartment.

    You also forget that we are talking about Midlands Ireland here, any word of Escorts with local village Garda then word spreads like wild fire. Ever thought that some independents might want to deal with this in old fashioned way, U know and Eye for Eye, and save themselves being burned at the stake by shallow minded village people !!!

    It really is entirely up to you what you make of my posts, My posts are genuine, everything I am warning people about is true, If I have helped just one other Midlands independent then its all been worth it.

    And I also know that the agency guy is "lurking" in these forums, Would I be PARANOID as you put it in thinking it might be you??????????!

    Good Luck

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    Just seen your new post Magicman !!!
    If you had responded in that manner in the first place then my first response to you might not have been so aggressive,

    It's ok you saying what you do, but fact is your not an Escort. Untill you are a female escort in this situation you really have no idea at all.

    It's all good and well saying go to the gards, go to the newspaper.

    Yeah right "Hello Editor of the Westmeath Examiner, Im such and such Escort living in the tiny village of such and such. Im being threatened by a pimp and the gards wont help"

    Get REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Escorts like to keep their business private in case you have forgotton. As if any escort wants there private life written up in the local paper !

    Fact is, in my experience most of the gards are corrupt, they brush things under the carpet, they couldnt give a shite, they pass the buck and do shite all.

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    Well all. I have to agree with magicman that this does not sound right, I am not saying that it is not true but, bloody sure if someone petrol bombed an apartment it would make the news or at least make the victim go to the Gardai..Sorry I agree with magicman..sounds iffy

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    Well Packo,
    Thanks for your imput but yet again i will try and explain.
    Midlands Independents have been being threatened for the last 6 weeks, I am one of them and there are a few others.

    Threats include demands for 5K a week, get off my patch and you have 24 hours to get out of the Midlands.

    My apartment was graffitied (westmeath location) - see Westmeath Examiner 2 weeks ago. why would i lie ??

    Then I relocated (Longford Location)

    Girl accross the way from me had a petrol bomb thrown into her apartment.

    Turns out she used to work for the Athlone Agency guy. Yes she called Gards but was too afraid to say who it was because he used to beat her up - hence the reason why I can not be more specific here - I have to respect her wishes.

    Same threats, same language used, same voice, drives same vehicle, we ALL have had the same threats.

    I really dont see what the problem is. Why would I waste my time coming here and posting if it was not true. This kind of thing goes on all the time, You only have to read a similar post just days before, threats to Kerry Girls.

    Are u living on Cloud Cuckoo land.

    Ive had many personal emails from other Midlands Escorts who also know of this guy, You only know what you read. You forget here that I can only talk openly about my own experience, I cannot and will not give too many personal details about the other girls that have been in contact with me who have had same threats from same guy. I have to respect other girls wishes, but I also want to make these happenings known.

    Please fire away with anything you think might be suspicious or PM me and i might be able to explain more. I cannot be more transparent than that, Ive been to Escort Watch too. Needless to say they havnt responded, but ask yourself ........ would I really bother doing all that if this wasnt true???

    Like I said in a previous post (amd im getting sick of habing to repeat myself - The Midlands is not like Dublin - ever thought that girls might feel they have to tolerate this, rather than go to the local gards, escorts like to be private. In dublin as an escort you can get lost, not as easy as that in small villages in the midlands)

    I have nothing to gain from discrediting an agency without just cause - why would i purpously bring trouble to my door. What this guy is doing cannot continue and this is why I am posting here.

    Fact is, this IS happening and IT IS true.

    Maybe is people like you DISMISS this and brush it off then we may end up hearing about something tragic in the paper.

    Can you not see that I am trying to make this situation know.

    Another Westmeath Escort has also posted details quite openly about the threats she has received, which includes a snapshop of the email threats she received.

    I suppose she is lying too ??????

    Lets see this for what it really is and try and help hey please.

    The Missus

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    Hey there Missis

    here is the reason why i was suspicious. you only joined on the 11th of november your first post was the 13th and all about threats and acts of intimidation. you said in one of your earlier posts that you advertise here but yet i can't find your ad.

    These are the reasons for my doubting the allegations, and for my believing that you are trying to scare other escorts from locating in the midlands..

    If im wrong i apologise for this, if im right. shame on you...


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