The linking of verified photos to reviews is laudable but has the potential to lose business for you. Some may go to alternate websites rather than submit to review. I wonder if you have canvassed those girls who do not allow reviews to see if there are changes which would entice them into the system. This is your website, your rules which you can change at any time. It is easy to understand why some girls opt out whet you see some of the shit that passes for reviews.
I, for one, do not want to know about some sick fucker with fanasies about women gagging on his dick. I am old enough to know that the guys who talk most about it are usually the guys who cant get it up in the first place. If you must give these wankers a forum let them spout off on this message board.
There are only four things that I want from a review;
a) How accurately does the profile/photos portray the girl and how attractive is she
b) The general attitude/demeanour of the girl
c) Any services which were advertised but not available (I think anal should always be an extra as girls are not always able to do it)
d) Any difficulties with finding the venue or standards of hygene
All of these could be rated out of 10 with 5 as average, less would be disappointing and more would be better than expected.
You should let the psychos loose on the message board where they can spout all they want but take control of the review system.