Hi to all.
Just another update, in fact I have 3 updates, regarding an Agency based in the Midlands who have been giving myself and other Midlands Escorts Death Threats for some time.

Recently the Midlands Based Agency sent someone to my location in Westmeath during the small hours to Graffiti words like Whore, Prostitute near to my apartment. This was reported by the Westmeath Examiner.

In light of this I have had to relocate. And within days of relocating more threats have come my way which I will talk about in another post.

The Man behind the threat calls me nearly everyday telling me I have 24 hours to get out of the Midlands. As mentioned on a previous occasion I have managed to get a recording of the threats. Various numbers have been used, which are :

085 *** 4956. This is a number used by the main person making the threats.

The same person has also contacted me in recent days using a different number which is:

087 *** 5832

Pm me for full mobile number.

See my next post for the latest incident where the agency sent a false client to me who pushed me inside my apartment, threatened me, and then was caught on video getting into a car.

The Missus