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    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about my experience with Samantha. Unfortunately I didnít have a good experience with Samantha. Everything started ok. Her directions were easy to follow, she was nice on the phone, her apartment was nice (and clean) and Samantha herself was vey welcoming, friendly, well dressed and fairly attractive with a nice body. But she could not get hard no matter how hard we tried. First of all we started off kissing and as Iím passive I soon wandered down below to get working on her surprise but nothing happened. I sucked and licked and played with it for ages but nothing happened and it stayed really limp. Then Samantha played with herself and nothing happened. She said that she wasn't awake for long and that she needed some time so I waited for another while as she played with herself but still she couldnít get hard. In all I was there for about 25 minutes but she couldn't get it up so I told her I had to leave. In fairness to her she gave me back Ä100 as I said she could keep Ä50 despite getting no service. Its a pity because she seemed nice. She was very friendly when I arrived and offered me a drink and put me at ease. She was dressed very sexy and had a nice figure and body and was a good kisser but that was as good as it got with her. Definitely my worst experience so far.

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    why is this here....

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    If that's your worst expierence you're not doing to bad for yourself.
    She was friendly!
    Put you at ease!
    Dressed sexy!
    Nice body!
    great kisser!

    female hormones will have this effect sometimes plus said she was tired.
    Maybe she shouldnt have taken the booking but she did and it didn't work out but at least she offered your money back.........
    She sounds like one of the more decent girls.

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    you sound like bit of an ass to me pal, she was really respectful and u still dissed her

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    OP, this wasn't that bad an experience!

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