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    I am new to the escorting scene. Im 19 years old and am wondering are there escorts willing to spend time with people my age or is it all generaly older? i am looking to have a good time with someone but dont want to embaras myself first

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    i was in your shoes first time i met an escort buddy, generally its all in your head. These women are professional and as long as you meantion to them beforehand that your a first timer and young etc it will give them time to prepare for you better than turning up and being a bundle of nerves. Best advice is just enjoy yourself and the women here will take care of the rest

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    Dude a lot of people have been and will continue to be in your vote (I was and I was same age as you). Just remember these things and you'll be fine: don't dispute the lady's rates, turn up there clean although she may still request you take a shower there, show nothing but respect to her, show up on time and if for some reason you need to cancel, give her plenty of notice. Also, follow the following link if you have any other queries:
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