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Thread: --- Let me taste your lovejuice ---

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    Dick --- Let me taste your lovejuice ---

    I started kissing your warm mouth,
    then worked my way.. going south.
    Across a meadow of soft chest hair,
    to beyond and what awaits me there..
    Your manhood stands, hard and strong,
    and there my lips explore and roam..
    My tongue is wet, my mouth is warm,
    doing that for which their born.
    I take your hardness between my lips,
    quickly within, your manhood slips..
    You groan as I begin to suck,
    anticipating the coming fuck.
    My body moves with a sensual motion,
    swimming in the erotic ocean...
    It won't be long, this I know..
    as I feel your cock begin to grow.
    Bigger, harder, with a throb,
    pulsing as I lick the knob.
    Knowing that before I'm done,
    you'll fill my throat with your cum..

    Want it ? Come and get it ! 07870745208
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