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Thread: Romance Is Far from Dead

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    Talking Romance Is Far from Dead

    This was a letter that was written in Fridays Irish news,,Gota Love it. classic ::

    The Modern Irish Colleen has its Princess, I spotted
    her in central Belfast,hand in hand with her prince.
    The Big Boned young woman had it all- The exposed Lower
    Back Tattoo with knotted string underwear, a neckline that
    almost met the hemline in the middle and a bottle tan
    that lit up the night with a radioactive carrot. Mobile
    pressed to her ear she chatted happily while the man took care
    of business against a shop front carefully angling so as to
    avoid splashing (and they say romance is dead).
    He was pencil thin and bedecked in drug dealer bling. Standing there togther
    they looked like the number 81.
    I wish i had a camera that night, not to take a picture of them
    but rather of my face. My expressoin must
    have been priceless.

    Well thank f**k wasnt to take a picture of me and number 8 on sat night i wouldnt hav wanted to be in the papers,, the expression on my face would hav been also priceless

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