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Thread: Warning In Kerry Exclusive Agency

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    Exclamation Warning In Kerry Exclusive Agency

    for the problem that i have in kilkenny i move to kerry whit my escort friend and now we have problems whit the agency EXCLUSIVE because i now this people and the girl samanta start to callme say that i cant work here that she send a friend to do something about that, this people work for these place but they dont own all ireland is not fear all this... be carefull they work in cork too... i work whit them and they look nice people but now that i start independent they are engry about this

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    Hi Leticia,
    This seems to be happening to a lot of independents, myself and another westmeath escort are included. All I can say is that from my experience most of the threats seem to be idol threats, don't give into it. Play safe of course.

    You are entitled to go independent at any time you like. If the agency in question offers a first class service then they have no need to feel that you going independent is a threat to their business.

    Stand your ground hunny :-)

    Gina x

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    come to sligo no prob down here

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