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    ...for Galwegian punters to be doing next week (in between all your 'sexy-times') or for the escorts if they want a bit of a break:

    One to watch for-

    Thurs 7th 2:15

    Title: Special Treatment

    A film that draws some intriguing parallels between the work of the prostitute and that of the psychiatrist – both have clients, both charge for sessions, both take on roles that serve the needs, psychological or otherwise, of those they serve, and then there is the prohibition of love; on one side flesh, on the other a ‘listening’ presence, both for sale. Jeanne Labrune’s drama stars Isabelle Huppert and Bouli Lanners as, respectively, Alice, a luxury prostitute in her forties who is tired of her job, and Xavier, a well-established psychologist with a crumbling domestic situation who is getting more and more annoyed by his clients’ monologues. When his wife leaves him, Xavier meets Alice…

    Running Time 95 mins | Colour | 35mm
    Producer Jani Thiltges
    Script Jeanne Labrune, Richard Debuisne
    Cast Isabelle Huppert, Bouli Lanners, Richard Debuisne, Sabila Moussadek

    Another that sounds interesting and topical-

    Thurs 7th 2:00

    Title: Gnarr

    When the developed world was booming, the bankers and stockbrokers thought the gravy train would never end. We all know what came next – bank collapses, false wars and recession.

    In a matter of weeks, Iceland went from being the spoiled bastard child of Scandinavia, where no one had to worry about anything except how big a jeep they could afford, to being bankrupt.

    If this wasn’t enough, the very earth under the Icelanders feet started erupting, spitting thick layers of volcanic ash all over the world and stopping air traffic.

    Amidst this chaos, the Best Party was born. Started as a joke by Iceland’s most controversial comedian, Jon Gnarr, the Party’s agenda was simple and outrageous:
    Gnarr wanted a secure, comfortable and highly paid job with absolute power to hire
    his close friends for all the other important jobs. The party promised an incorruptible and drug-free parliament by the year 2020 and would not talk to any of the other parties unless they had watched the entire five seasons of the The Wire.

    As the real election began, the Best Party’s campaign developed an unstoppable momentum. Coming top in all the poles, Gnarr unexpectedly become a voice for a disenfranchised people. By election day, something incredible was about to happen.

    Gnarr’s message is simple and positive: the deeper the shit you are in, the more
    you should laugh, because out of disaster can come unlikely heroes.

    A discussion focusing on Ireland and Iceland’s contrasting responces to the crisis will take place after the screening, featuring members of the Best Party as well as prominent Irish commentators, in a lively exchange of ideas

    Running Time 96 mins | Colour | HD-Cam
    Producer Sigvaldi J. Kárason, Björn Ófeigsson

    There's a clash of times between the two grrrrrrr!!! So you'll have to choose. I will be there at one of them, the old guy with the paisley cravat. Come say hello.
    Record 2-time E-I Fantasy Football Champion 2010/11, 2013/14

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    I do likes film festivals I does.

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