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    just reading latest reviews 1 punter zooboy has decided to cut up every body else . review 41440 done on 27/6 fr sexy suzi in galway a lovely girl and very gud at her job i must say. he has acusssed other punters being of being drunk and misleading
    just to set facts straight here, 16 out of ur 29 reviews are negative. without reading them all u said on 1 of them fr beatriz i hate writing negative reviews ,well ur havin a fair go at it think u need the glasses mate . out of 8 reviews suzi has fr meeting carried through ur the only negative so maybe u couldn't please urself don't try blame every one else fr ur failures.
    also please note u have managed a negative review frm 1 of nicest girls here sarah which if i 'm not mistaken has over 110 positive reviews and no negatives bar urs does ths not say it all about u stop wasting ur time writing reviews who'll believe u. give up ur a sore loser or a bitter freak trying to upset girls that work hard in there own right

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    Thread moved to reviews chat .: doc
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    zooboy continues with his bad streak another negative or noshow fr lora galway 28 /6.:at ths rate of reviews zooboy u will catch mr fussy without ever seeing a girl.
    jes man ur gone on about the prices ths girl charges, heres simple maths fr u .u have a failure rate of pickin girls of approx 50/60% so ur rate fr girls is 400/hour as against most of us here at normal rate. i'd say u work fr goverment do u or are u brains behind last goverment zooboy

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    If he's looking for a half hour booking for 50 quid I'd say he deserves all the disappointments he's having

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    Maybe he should go visit on of the lads maybe they would be more up his street.

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    just had lovely pm frm zooboy thanked me fr my post (ya right). he has no time fr this escort agency website he wud pop back in a year needless to say seeing as i am on the payrole i told him where to go and save his money. although there is treatment fr that complaint a visit to ur g.p. and discuss ur frustrations and lack of libido wud be my advise love all the girls her zooboy they just looking fr a little love change that trench coat u have its beginning to stink

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