Extensive range of electro stim for cock and balls, anus and nipples (depending on your heart condition). Otherwise nipple clamps, cock and ball weights and restraints....orgasm control.
Be hung up on a suspension unit for the ultimate strap-on experience.
Bound and tied on my bondage table or simply bent over it for a juditial caning, spanking or flogging.
Let me take control of you and your desires.
Humiliate you, tease you, and show you female supremisy really exists.
Have you beneath me to taste my sweet nectar....feel it squirt all over you as i laugh at you enjoying it.
Put you on my cross to probe and torture your cock and ass. If i see fit i might let you enjoy it.
Tell you how small your cock is.......how pathetic it is......how could you possibly satisfy a lady with it?

Just a small taste of what i do......NEWBIES also welcome to be taken on an explorative session.
Domination can be hugely misinturpreted. It's not all about pain although most enjoy it but can be very sensual also.
If it's something you'd like to try or maybe experience something different than the 'norm' please contact me.

Athena 087 2117695