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Thread: any 1 ever visited ts kamila rochele???

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    Default any 1 ever visited ts kamila rochele???

    Did anyone ever visit ts kamila rochele was she good?is she as nice as her pictures?

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    Ya I went to see her in galway on sunday night, had some extra cash so I said id give it a go. When I talked to her/him on the phone she did sound quite manly but I thought this was the norm as id never done the TS thing before. Took me ages to find her apartment but eventually got in the door. Room was very dark and just made me feel uneasy straight away, I took one look at her and knew I had to get the f**k out, looked nothing like her pics in my opinion. I made an excuse about my car getting clamped and said I had to go, it was 5.30 in the morning! She tried to pin me against the wall (not very forcefully) and kiss me but I pulled away and said Id be back in 5 mins. It Felt like I dodged a bullet on the way down the stairs.. To my surprise she rang me and asked if I was coming back, told her the real reason I left is because I had no cash, she told me she liked me and would see me for free, couldnt bring myself to do it!! fuck that.. Having said all that she/he seemed like a nice person, but I think she's more of a TV than a TS.

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    I wish I had the balls to turn around when I visit an escort and realize she looks nothing like the pictures.

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