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Thread: Midlands Escorts Beware - More Death Threats to Westmeath Escorts

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    Default Midlands Escorts Beware - More Death Threats to Westmeath Escorts

    Hi All,
    I am an advertiser here and just wanted to warn other Independent Midlands Escorts. I have received death threats for the last 5 weeks from a guy demanding 5,000 Euro each week or "I have 24 hours to get out of Westmeath". I have had calls to my mobile on numerous occasions from this man and some of his friends. It is believed that he own or has some connection to a Westmeath or Midlands based agency. On one occasion he must have forgotton to with hold his number which has been noted as 085 *** 4956. I also have voice recordings of his threats. All Westmeath and Midlands independents beware, he seems to be targetting independent girls. I also noted a previous post from another Westmeath Escort who has had similar threats by email.

    The Missus

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    Talking Dont tolerate these wankers

    Why not send your voice recordings to im sure that the people connected with that site would only be too happy to put the recordings on their website.......
    God knows who might recognise their voices....maybe even the Gardai(state-police)
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    Thanks Mrsbrown,
    Good Idea, I did think of them earlier myself and thought about contacting them tmrw. Iv'e been told by this person that they also intend on sending a client to me who is going to quote "cut me in half and throw me in the liffey", but they have not realised that I several cameras in my residence!

    Saying that this is a serious issue and this person must be stopped from threatening independent girls.


    The Missus

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    Hi The Missus,

    Sorry to hear that, hope u are feeling little bit better now. I my opinion the garda of Westmeath should be informed because this is quiete serious matter.

    Do you know if EI team could give you any advice in this matter ? or others services dealing with your type of work ?

    Be safe & take care
    Sasha Eve

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    Hi to themissus, mrsbrown and sashaeve,

    It's bad isnt it, that some egit actually thinks hes gonna get away with this. I am the other midlands based escort whos had similar threats by email. (see my previous post re death threats from an athlone location) Ive had to go away and get 25 hour cctv monitoring which has 4 cameras and watched live and remotely by a security firm. Cost me an arm and a leg, but I need it to get video evidence should this clown come after me. The gards in westmeath are usually not all that good, thats why i took my issue to headquarters.

    The latest update is that I have been speaking with themissus today and learnt that when she woke up this morning this man had got someone to graffiti all over the walls near her apartment. Words like burn in hell whore or words to that affect anyway. The gards were called, but not by her. And the cctv footage might show who this person is, although I doubt its the man behind the threats, probably one of his cronies !!!

    Keep your head up the missus, we wont be pushed out of Westmeath for love nor money :-)

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    Be safe girls, i think more touring girls should go there, because they can frighten 2 ladies but if there more than 10, is nothing they can do or they will spend they working hours threating girls.

    Is used to be the case of some area like Kerry, Limerick & Cork in the past, agency used to sep up touring girls to discourage them of coming. At the end they stop doing it because of the high number of girls coming in, they just deal with it now.

    But be carefull ladies because is hard to fight againt nuts guys.
    Be safe & take care
    Sasha Eve

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    HI sasha, Your right in what you say, because Westmeath has very few independent girls then agencies get greedy, they see intelligent independent girls working and making a living and they automatically think we should be working for them !!!!!!!!! - I have had clients to me that have used the agency we think this man runs and they said it's a pile of shite, One even said that you walk upstairs in some house and there are like 3 dudes standing at the top of the stairs. If this man knew how to run his own business and provide a proper service he wouldnt have to worry about us independants potentially stealing his business/customers.

    Yur right though, I dont know whats its like to work in the likes of Dublin and Cork but id say that there are so many independents that no one can even try and "control" the whole thing and so people are just left to get on with it.

    I now have security so high at my location that this man wont get away with anything, Im lucky that he hasnt phoned me yet but im waiting for it to happen.

    What he also doesnt know is that there is a new crowd after moving in Athlone who are setting up a bigger and better agency than he has, and managed better with better working conditions. You know what they say "what goes around comes around"

    The christmas u get is the christmas u deserve, and id say that when this crowd sets up he will be working all hours to save his own business that he wont have time to hassle us indepedents :-)

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