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    The world may be starting to listen!
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    Nice one Queen Bee. The fact that Google is involved does make it news worthy - although Google selling out is not novel news (see what they did in China).

    At least TOBL gets mentioned in a very postive way. I wonder if there is any way of highlighting this article in our local media - although I suspect much of our local media are unsympathetic to the cause of TOBL.

    I'd also like to congratulate TOBL on the work they are doing - given the strength of what they are up against. Clearly the author of this article made contact with TOBL representatives - so well done on getting your pitch out there. (in the Canadian media - which is a start).
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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenBee View Post

    The world may be starting to listen!
    We can but hope Queenie , great link again .: doc
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