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Thread: What's the story when I meet TS escort

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    Question What's the story when I meet TS escort

    I am going to meet a TS soon. Probably someone like Cherry, Fara, Najwa... any of the "lookers" that are available. If you guys know more cuties and can recommend them from personal experience... let me know!
    Basically, I want to know do I get to cum twice during an hour session... Is it unreasonable to expect that escort also cums ??
    Is there a set-format for the hour meet?
    Hope you guys can let me know.



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    Hanna is abit of a looker (very feminine) and would be recommended by me (you'll have to keep an eye out for her next tour).... Tall too which is sexy. I had two rounds with her in the hour. You cannot expect her to cum though. They do have other clients and normally the well is pretty dry for most of them if you catch my drift.

    Hope this helps,

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