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Thread: Nevilee vs Coleman

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    Default Nevilee vs Coleman

    Apologies if this was posted already

    I found this amusing

    Evertonís Phil Neville and Seamus Coleman got into a very entertaining war of words on Twitter recently. General consensus seems to be that Colman was the clear winner. Have a read and see what you think.
    PN- If u want a signed pair of my boots go to money goes to charity thanks
    SC- prob be best selling garys boots pal.. Wonít get much money for yours!
    PN- hello seamie see ur sub again for the republic tomorrow night!!!
    SC- if Iím lucky Iíll be sub.. Maybe wonít even make the bench.. Any advice for me? U have plenty experience of being on the bench
    PN- sub for ireland-its like being sub for man utd youth team! Although u r a 50k signing from sligo bless!
    SC- yeah just glad to be here fizzer! Never thought Iíd be so lucky!
    u looking forward to next season.. U must be glad garys retired? Ur family might come watch u on a saturday now!
    actually they will prob just stay in and watch him on sky sports instead of watching u!
    PN- does trapp say ďrun forest runĒ to u like moyesy does??
    r u licking captain robbie keanes arse like u lick captain nevilles?
    did ur brother play for man utd 600 times pal?? Thought not!!
    when u upgrading ur caravan to a tent pal?
    any more lip pal and Iíll get peter walton to send u off again!!!!
    were u going on holiday pal-isle of man??
    SC- why u getting angry pal.. U got got that angry on a match day u would be a great captain!!
    PN- be careful next season pal-everyone plays sh*t in their 2nd season!!!
    SC- does everyone play sh*t in there 15 season aswell?
    PN- 16th season pal!
    SC- you counting ur 10 years on united bench?
    PN- gone quiet pal u been round to keaneys room to run his bath?
    SC- u gettin jealous?? Iíll be back to look after u next season pal.. Do I still have to do all ur running tho??
    PN- here u r was getting worried keano let u off the lead?
    keep playing the way u r m8 and youíll be back playing at widnes wit the reserves!
    SC- what did u miss last game of season for again.. Toothache?? Dnt think big dunc would miss a game cause of his tooth!
    PN- nice debut benfica away m8-what was the score??
    SC- 5.0 pal.. A good captain would have been there to help his players but where were u??
    u enjoy going to the world cups with england or was that gary AGAIN!? Iím sure u were proud to watch him!!
    PN- u like talking about gary m8-got a secret crush?
    SC-everyone likes gary more.. U should know that by now!!
    PN- have a great summer pal-reserves report back 5th july!
    SC- is that what date he told u.. Internationals not back until the 11th so see ya then! Night skipper x
    PN- topman come on macedonia!!
    letís make a pact pal-no more slaughtering on twitter-i need u-u need me-agreed? Ask keano for permission 1st though!
    SC- u need me to do ur running.. Why do I need you??
    PN- Iím trying to hand u an olive branch pal-do u not want it?
    SC- I just want to know why I need u? Not a trick question.
    PN- lads donít like u pal-so have to protect u!
    SC- nev dnt start!! Because its you they dnt like.. And I dnt need u to protect me.. I protected u all season!
    PN- its all about u pal aint it! Good luck next season you will need it!
    SC- I know I will.. Uv had 15 years good luck! Well done! I know ur missing me really!
    PN- u licking charlie adams arse now too? Is it captains that turn u on??
    SC- hahahahaha good one pal! What a captain he was too.. He could actually pass to his team
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    Seen it last week. Seems Seamus has hold his own anyway.
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