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Thread: needed - an escort for 3 months of fun and frolics

  1. Smile needed - an escort for 3 months of fun and frolics

    first time on here guys. need help. me and x had a great sex life and we used to try all sorts of stuff. i loved anal, fisting (receiving), and hardsports. havent experienced this in a month and really miss it. would like to meet someone here who would be interested in meeting every weekend for this. distance isnt an issue as i drive . if interested please pm me.

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    havent got an messages back yet. maybe this is an extreme and unusual request. maybe there are no escorts out there who would be willing to give it a go. back to the drawing board so i guess

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    Maybe rephrase the title of the request.
    Maybe change to looking for escort every weekend or something along those line, might have a bit more luck mate
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