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Thread: You can relax now Sweetie because .........

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    Default You can relax now Sweetie because .........

    Uncle West is going abroad tomorrow morning.Will be back Sat week but not here.I hope i have taught you a lession you little shiney thing.Despite my sharp tongue to you of late,im still very fond of ya.I apologise for being a wee bit too clever.

    Take it easy Pat,

    Hey i nearly forgot.One last little bit of Westside fun and frolics.

    Its neary the season ye little scrumptous creature.A Santa tale.

    Santa ia doing his first rounds at xmas.

    He arrives down the first chimney and is taken by surprise at a nice attractive little Sweetie.

    He says hi and drops the presents under the tree.As he goes to climb back up the chimney,the girl catches his arm in a tender loving fashion.Oh Santa,ive waited all night long for you santa.Please kiss me Santa

    Santa ,looking at bit perturbed says" hoh ho ho Santa must go,got to get that chimney tonight you know".

    The girl says "oh santa" as she rubs her body against him, "kiss me santa"

    "Ho ho ho Santa must go ,gottta get that chimney tonight love, you know"

    Bewidered the girl steps back and drops her blouse and says to santa "oh santa ,santa" lying back on the floor " oh fuck me Santa".

    Ho ho ho Santa must stay, cant get up that chimney with his micky this way"

    hahhahahaha awful if you ask me. Im pissing blood and my side is killing me Sweetie.If i die soon ,i will pray for you and come back and haunt this board....oogoohohohooh wait i was doing that already.

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    Have a nice holiday Westie :-)

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    Default good luck

    take as long as you like.................
    "She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night."

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