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Westside??? hahhaha - 02-11-07, 08:29 PM


Ok enough bs. I outta of here. Here is a quick rundown on me,just some of you must wonder.

Here is the deal. I coming up to a year here and truthfully its time i did go. I have things to do and am ready to move on and open up new areas for myself. I promised myself that 2007 was a chill out year for me. Its now up.

Just so your wondering as to whjat im actually like in reality.So just for the fun i will be a critic to the biggest critic here .............me.

I have commented, remarked, and made fun of and took to task virtually everyone so now its Westsides turn to take on Westside.

What am i like?? Im a very strange mix. Here are my strong points,

I would help a person out unconditionally. Im very honest and straight to the point.I hate bs. Im very driven and self motivated. I have an abiltiy to pick others up when they are down and you could trust me with your bank a/c details. Oh im a sexy bastard hahhaha.

Now Westside ,what are your failings?? I would be the first to say that i am over proud shithead, not a snob but a little overly confident. I also have a habit of jumping to conclusions too quickly and im very ,very,very stubborn. I would be the first to admit that i deal with people in a way that i assume they would not be hurt by.I can be a little harsh but i treat myself like hell so fuck it.

I could go on and on. Anyway nice yapping to you all, whether good or bad. I hope you get what you want out of life regardless of what it is. Remember you get out of life what you put into it as long as your heart and mind are one directional. Work hard ,believe in yourself ,know your good points and strengthen your bad ones, and someday you might wake up living the life that you deserve.Its never any shame in expecting the best and achieving the best for you.

So to the here i say take it easy and God bless. Have ahappy time punting or escorting or whatever makes you lot happy.

Im donating my body to cure mental illness when i die,