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    Hi guys,
    hopin someone can help me,
    ive been tryin to call michelle for a day or two now but i only gettin a voicemail saying shes getting some work done on her building and is closed for the moment! anyone know when she'll be back up and workin ive been dyin to meet with her after seeing her profile and reading all her reviews!

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    michelle only works 3 weeks out of four - she goes back to wales to see her family!

    she is very hard to contact as she's ALWAYS busy as she's one of the best around and her prices are great - all fully included - no extras!

    the best time to get her is in the mornings around 10am as this is when she starts her appointments - she has a lot of regulars, so you may have to fit into her schedule!

    but she is worth it and every escort should take a leaf out of her book when it comes to escorting!

    good luck!

    ps - she doesn't work weekends either!

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