These Message Boards are a place i have been coming to recently for a laugh a joke a witty remark a tale of woe etc etc etc....................
But what really does my head in are the "Sitetrashers" whom on every opportunity come along and dis this website BIGTIME!!!!
Personally i believe that Patrica, Natasha and Sarah have done an absolutely fantastis job making this website this best place for Punters and Escorts to congregate for mutual benefit I would like to put it to Westside and Co that if your not happy here .............jump the fuck off, because you can be sure that if it was an escort-ireland train you were on board and you had just pulled the stop cord the train wouldnt stop , as a matter of fact i think the three amigoes(Patrica, Natasha and Sarah) would throw more coal and logs on!!!
Pain in the ASS is how i would describe you to be honest, please go away as your contribution to these forums and this website is a big fucking ZERO, now do us all a favour mate and " do one"