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    Hello all

    Just wondering what the story with Mistress Savannah is? Her photos are verified and she has a proper website but a lot of the pictures on her ownsite are from other sites. Plus, she offers online and text domination for a fee which is always a little suspicious. I tried to book an appointment with her for next month but she said she only books same or next day appointments so was told to call then. Have to say I'm completely baffled by this one!

    I'm in Dublin myself so not sure if I want to risk a journey down. Any BDSM lovers in Cork or the Munster region attempted to make contact or met with her yet?

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    I would be interested in hearing any news about her aswell

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    Man, I wish more mistresses/dominas came to Limerick. Id call her in a second.

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    I would seriously pick up the phone and make an appointment. I have went to a handful of pro dommes before. Savannah was with out a doubt the best of them. She is an absolute stunner. Better than id imagined.

    And i was quite nervous. But she chatted to me at length first of all till I was relaxed. Savannah website even details how friendly and relaxed she can be to help ease in those novices. But she is incredibly demanding and cruel if you think you can handle it or look for it.

    I cant wait to see her again. I want to be her full time slave!!


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    Thanks for the review spankablecelt.

    Of course the fact that you just happen to add a link to her website in this post and in your review isn't suspicious at all!! You're almost a walking sandwich board!

    I think most of us can make out what's going on here.

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    All i can say is time waster. Phone always turned off. By the off chance she answers she says she is busy ring back another time. Don't waste yer time rying opursue her.

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    well Daniel I really dont care what you think. Savannah asked me herself to reply. she could have made up her own profile and done this herself. im on collarme under the same username. im also on fetlife. So its not like im a stranger to online BDSM scene but yes I am a stranger to this site.

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    I normally wouldn't bother replying to a post on forums. But felt compelled to. Daniel on two different posts you mentioned 'suspicious'. Both times without any justification that I can see. The first you said 'she offers online and text domination for a fee which is always a little suspicious.' What exactly is suspicious about that? Are you suggesting I should do it for free? or that I am ripping people off? Not everyone for many reasons is in a position to visit a Domme. Some people want this service and for that reason I offer it. I would be intrigued to hear where you think it becomes suspicious or what is suspicious about it. Secondly you commented on spankableCelts post where you said 'Of course the fact that you just happen to add a link to her website in this post and in your review isn't suspicious at all!!' So the fact that spankableCelt enjoyed his session with me and states that he did makes it suspicious? Can you clarify for me how that makes it so? If he had posted a negative review of me would that have been ok and not suspicious? I think you are completely out of order in your unjustified assumptions of me and spankableCelt. You stated correctly that I do not take advance bookings and certainly not a month in advance. Does anyone on E-I take bookings a month in advance? I would seriously doubt it. So because I could not meet your request for a booking a month in advance I became 'suspicious'. Does that seem reasonable to you? Now I understand that you would have had to come from Dublin and understandably you could hardly travel that distance in the hope that you may get a session. But simply explaining this to me I could have made some advance arrangement, maybe not a month in advance but I wouldn't have been unreasonable. Anyway long story short I thought it was unreasonable and unfair to make the assumptions you did without justification.

    And to Morty:

    Firstly my phone is rarely turned off and if I'm not available its because I'm busy...its that simple. If I dont answer my phone its because I am most likely with someone. As a client I sure you wouldn't appreciate a phone being answered on your time. If you come for a session with me I put my phone in another room and under no circumstances would I disrespect you by answering it while you are there. The fact is I get more requests for appointmets than I can handle. I would love if I could meet everyone who calls but unfortunately its not possible. So I apologise that I wasn't available when you called and its disappointing you consider me a 'time waster' as I tend to tell people how it is rather than wasting their time by booking appointments that I cant keep.
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    I have to say I have contacted mistress savanna a few times to make an appointment but unfortunately she was booked out or not working, I found her very polite and helpful on the phone as I can natter on a bit and ask 100 questions I found her quite pleasant and answered all my questions. She has even texted me back when I have text to see if she is working. I believe that she is 100% genuine and I'm hoping to meet her this week come so I will post a review Asap. Guys it's about time a true pro dom came to come so Please let's not knock it. From what I can see from her site and pic's she is a stunner and I she is as pleasant and professional in person as on the phone then I most defiantly will become her top punter as I'm sick of having to travel. Ps I am not on any commission for this well unless she wants to give me an extra long time

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    I have checked Mistress Savanna's pictures with the verified picture that was send to us, and I can confirm it is the same person..
    By all mean's go ahead and close doors behind you but don't lock them..

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