Hi, folks! - Just posting a few lines to introduce myself. I'm 59, from Dublin, a caring and careful spanker who will always try to see that my partner's spanking needs are fulfilled. It's not my purpose to cause you a lot of pain; in my opinion a well-spanked bottom should be hot rather than sore, and my careful alternation of spanking and soothing, and of hand spanking with heavier and lighter implements, will make that happen; nothing (to me) is more rewarding than to have a girl rub a lovely hot bottom at the end of a spanking and say "Wow" That feels good!" Thus, I am happiest spanking in a "Daddy" or "Grandad", or even "kindly Uncle", role rather than in some more emotionally detached scenario such as Headmaster / schoolgirl or Boss / secretary. Though if for some reason you feel the need for a genuinely disciplinary spanking in your life, do please talk to me!

I read a while back somewhere on the Internet that a survey conducted amongst students in the USA discovered that some 30 per cent of young women listed being spanked as their favourite fantasy. I cannot verify the absolute accuracy of this, but it does suggest that a high proportion of ladies do think about it. I can verify, though, as an active spanking "top", that considerably more Irish women are finding themselves able to discuss their fantasy, and even put it into practice, than was the case just a few years ago! So ladies, if you're one of those who harbours that fantasy and who hasn't done anything to make it a reality yet (or if you have but want to try again!) you'll always find me glad to hear from you and to discuss your needs. I'm always happy to chat to / meet / form friendships with any ladies who share a love of spanking, be they local here in Dublin, around Ireland - or visitors here studying, working, touring, whatever - All welcome!