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Thread: Raheen/Dooradoyle Area of Limerick

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    Default Raheen/Dooradoyle Area of Limerick

    Hi All,

    Do any of you Limerick punters know of any girls in the Raheen/Dooradoyle area of Limerick?
    Are any of the Limerick ladies reading this based in that area? If you are or you know of anyone please PM me as I would be interested in a regular appointment.



  2. Default cop on

    man what do u expect get a grip if u want a proper experience execpt to pay 150 at least for 30 min and dont come on here thinking some lady is going to contact you ur an ass ( but proberly its your first time ) but man if your not willing to pay at LEAST that go to the dock road u can still get it there for 50 euro and dont forget i said PROPER experience going 3 or 4 time to a street girl which will cost more in the long run not to mention the risk is nothing compared to a real professional

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    By the way is this site comprised by reporters what a stupid question of course it is . I have to remember to keep the hood up and look at the ground
    heres to all the professional ladies I love ye and dont forget ye are providing a service the world cant do without YE are the greatest

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    Wink Should Have Gone To Specsavers!!

    limkpunter did you mis-read Hman's post??
    Were does it say he won't pay the escort??
    In fact he says he would be interested in a "regular appointment" .......... maybe YOU should cop on!!

    Gone ........... and forgotten?

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    Default shld hav gone to specsavers alrite...

    man, couldnt agree wit you more...

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    Default Picking a fight??


    I think limkpunter might just be trying to pick a fight. Poor boy!


  7. Red face ooops sorry

    Sorry hman sorry guys i went on a rant there just that i am so fucking paranoid lately , a friend of mine appeared on the sunday world there last week the guy in the blue pick up it has got me so paranoid sorry again guys and i was a bit pissed writing it

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    Default Limerick

    Is there any place besides the apt block on dock road where girls operate from. I hate going in to those apartments, it feels like everyone is watching you

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