Keeping things realistic, what would your ultimate appointment involve ?

I've been mulling this over a while and I've come up with what for me could be my ideal appointment.
I've ruled out an overnight app as it really isn't something I would be comfortable with.

So for me I think it might go as follows :

We would meet for coffee somewhere nice close to the lady's apartment around 11am.
Then back to her apartment for a leisurely shower together, followed by some slow sensuous enjoyment. For around an hour.

Then into a taxi to a good restaurant for lunch (or possibly bring some food back to the apt and cook up something nice, I'm thinking pan fried scallops, salad followed by a quick stir fry) and possibly a glass or two of nice wine.
Then back to her apt for another hour of leisurely debauchery.

So what would your ideal appointment go like ? Keeping it real(ish)