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Thread: First Escort in Belfast

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    Default First Escort in Belfast

    Hi all !

    My name is Ben I am french, I live in Belfast from some months and would like to have an appointment with an Escort. This is my first time so I have some questions, Thank you to the persons who are going to reply.

    - My English level is very low, I am afraid it is going to be a problem to speak over the phone and to understand the adress and time... Is it possible to have an appointment via email ? Or do you know Escort in Belfast who speak French ?

    - If I dial the phone number of an Escort, I am going to speak directly to her or is that an operator who is going to answer ?

    - Can you have an appointment from the first call or do you have a first appointment just for her to agree on a next appointment ?

    - On the website they are saying that you need to shave, is that an obligation ? I never did that lol

    - Where do you meet the Escort ? Is that in an hotel or do they have their own appartment ?

    Thank you for your help !


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    Welcome to the forum Ben x

    You're written English is very good so you could send the lady you'd like to see a PM (Personal message - the same as an email).
    Many ladies (including myself) encourage people to make appointments this way.

    The Escort will answer her own phone - unless she works for an agency.

    You will be able to have fun on your first visit to the lady.

    You do not need to shave. Some ladies prefer their clients to be groomed 'down below' but that's your choice. I don't think a lady would ever refuse to see you bacause you have lots of pubic hair lol.

    The lady may be in an apartment or a hotel. You can ask them this in the PM.

    One good thing to remember: If you are not happy with how the lady looks or you think that she is not right for you then it's ok to walk away from the appointment. Try to do so nicely though as we do have feelings too.

    Good Luck! Love Alex x

    One more thing - some of the ladies speak a few languages so you may want to contact a french speaking lady for your first appointment. It's your choice
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    Thank you Alex
    Welcome to the boards Ben .: doc
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    Dead on !

    Thank you for the replies guys,


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    Hi Ben, welcome to E-I. You need to click on Belfast on the list of counties of Ireland and then look through all the escorts available there. You will see on their profiles if they can speak french and some have a message board which you can use to send them a private message to arrange an appointment.
    If you call an escort on the phone 9/10 the escort will answer the phone, only someone else will answer if the escort has limited english / french.
    Yes you will be able to make the appointment from the first call if you call them on the phone. On the first call the escort will tell you what street their place is on and when you get there you call again to get the complete address.
    I have never seen where they say you need to shave yourself, but it would be advisable to be hygienic in respect of the escort.
    Most of the time you meet an escort it is in an apartment, but some are in hotels
    I hope this is helpful for you, best of luck on your conquest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benben View Post
    Dead on !

    Thank you for the replies guys,

    hi benben and welcome one the forum as well
    i dont speak french but i have friend how is arrive very soon in belfast and she speak very well french
    this is the link if you are interesthing one here
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    Hi Erika !

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes your friend Rebeka is absolutely beautiful muey difficil para mi de hablar espanol pero yo puedo entender

    Cheers !
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    Yes Ben she sure is Absolutely Beautiful, Had the pleasure of meeting Rebeka twice, Great Girl.
    Make it your Duty to see her, you sure will be glad you did


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