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Thread: fu**ing phone companies

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    Default fu**ing phone companies

    not sexy i know but has any one experience of using comreg
    mis-sold a phone service and wondering if it is any good in solving problem or is it just another talking shop.
    not going to bore everyone with details other than my bills were meant to go down but went up
    has anyone else had this problem:confused

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    never had to deal directly with comreg for a matter like this, but I have found that simply the threat of them can have quite a good affect. If the reaction I have gotten before from companies is anything to go by I'd say they must be pretty proactive in what they do.

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    Comreg are very good, but before you hassle them with your "complaint"

    Is it actually a complaint?!

    By this I mean, are you sure there is not a logical explanation? as in you were roaming? or the like... I worked in complaints and 80% of them were from people who just would not listen to simple logical explanations!!

    Sorry, maybe yours is very valid and if it is all the power to you...PS...I hate Vodafone so hopefully you stick it to them them!!
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