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Thread: "shall we do it now?"

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    Default "shall we do it now?"

    you and your girlfriend of three weeks have arranged a picnic
    a few miles out of town. she looks and smells lovely.

    when you've finished your lunch, you're both lying there basking
    in the sunshine, she asks "do you want to do it?" "erm, yes"

    she sets about pulling off her clothes and you let your hard cock out.
    she is speechless at the sight of a bloke's cock, because it may have
    been some time since she seen one.

    the thought of getting access to her valued private areas, its
    a pubic bush beneath those sensible pink panties? she has taken a big risk in allowing this intimacy, it means she trusts and values you as an important factor in her life.

    theres a girl living near me, we do the typical neighbour thing (friendly but keep the distance)
    theres a lot of sexual tension between us. to see her face as we slowly become intimate would mean so much to me. to see her surprise and reassurance as i lick and caress every part of her body(i think the relative challenge/risks in this coming about gives it so much
    value to me)

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    Sounds like you need to GO FOR IT my good man! Let us know what happens!

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