I am such a stupid prick, I keep going back for more.

Anyway, I weighed up my options and called "Paula", currently working in Wexford town. Said I would call in the next day, all very pleasant. So contacted her today and it was all cordial and pleasant, to the point that when I called this afternoon I even waited for 20 minutes as "Paula" was out and about and asked me to give her some time.

So I turned up at the apartment, not at all discreet it must be said, but hey ho, it was only a massage. Was met into the flat, the door being held open wide enough as if I was carrying a piano and when the door closed I was ushered into the treatment room by a very attractive black girl. But since "Paula" isn't black (look for yourself: https://www.escort-ireland.com/17802...sh-escort.html ) and I am not very sexually attracted to black girls, I quickly made up my mind to leave, and told her. As is my right and as most girls on here recommend to do early in the piece.

So she asked me why I was leaving, fair enough. I explained that she wasn't the girl in the pic. She said she knew that but she could still give me a good time. I am sure she could I said. But I wasn't into it. But that's just advertising, she said. And I do a lot of advertising work and it's against the rules and not very cool, I said. But stay it will be nice she said. No I said. Do you want a Chinese girl instead she said? Nope I said. What do you want she said, as I walked for the door. Nothing, I'm offski I said. And one word of advice I said, change your profile pic and tell the truth, you'll still do good business. She smiled and I thought I had succeeded in not offending her and as I went for the door, an attractive Chinese girl came out of the bathroom, which I suppose isn't cool either since at that point, I was in law breaking territory, two girls being run by a madame.

Anyway, off I went back to the car, content to be disappointed and not having let the little head dictate the big head into doing something I didn't really want to. Which is when my phone rang and it was the original "Paula" asking me in quite aggressive tones why I had left. I simply and quickly explained my reasons, expecting that to be sufficient. So she starts going off on one, saying that it was the same girl in the pictures as I had met (puhleeeese) and how I was messing her around, which I clearly wasn't as I had called a day ahead, waiting 20 minutes, etc etc. So I give her the bye bye, she calls up straight away again and gives me an earfull, so I tell her to not call again or I would have no hesitation in reporting her. Low blow maybe but she was hyper aggressive. She probably would have called back again only for the fact that a friend called and I spoke for 20 minutes (passed a Speed van on the way out of the town - do they take photographs of people on the phone as well as speeding? Am goosed if so, 3 points on the license....)

Anyway, I decided not to leave a review as I just couldn't be bothered to get into a he said she said 'discussion' with the madame. But bottom line is this, the girl pictured is not the girl you meet. There are two girls. A madame is running them. Turn on the blue light. Don't bother lads, unless you don't really care about these ones advertising the right way which is all fair enough.

And now I can leave this and feel better for having posted!

Wexford: shittest town for punting in the country, maybe the world. I won't be back.