Here is a little review since she doesnt do them.Called her up last night.The apt was easy to find if you have a decent sense of direction but when you end up next to an enclosed park in the middle of nowwhere you get visions of purchasing your first compass.

The apt is outstanding.3 rd floor with a fantastic view although the later view was nicer.Anyway Sophie was there with her friend Leyla.

Services received,

1 no large chicken leg with a dollop of extra hot sauce,
1 no Rouce whatever(you know those french chocolates) ferrero or something,
1 no bottle Corona,
1 no Sweetie tease,
1 threesome,

Thanks girls for accepting my final offer.I really couldnt go any lower than that.
Sophie herself is an attractive bubbly girl that has a personality like she has an electric cable plugged up her arse.She is very attractive and a great personality.A live wire who cant stop talking.
Leyla,well what can i say.A very young looking 33, slim ,very attractive, sexy and confident.She is heading back to London for good but i have no doubt that Sophie and her new companion can manage fine.

For more erotic details go buy yourself a playboy .I reccommend Sophie anytime.Thank you Sweeties.Had agreat time and craic.Got home at 7.00 and up again at 9.30 but hey your worth it.

Hey Leyla,you sure your not coming back from London????You break my heart love,a sad departure.You now climb to the top of Westsides list of Lovely Ladies

Take it easy girls,
Hugs and Kisses,

sophie is worth a visit.