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    1816 - Daughter of an Irish father, Charlotte Bronte, eldest of the three Bronte Sisters and author of Jane Eyre, is born

    1895 - In New York City, Woodville Latham demonstrated the first moving picture projected on a screen.

    1901 - Death of James Stephens, Kilkenny-born founder of the Irish Republican Brotherhood

    1916 - The Aud arrives at Banna Strand, Co. Kerry, from Germany with 20,000 rifles for use of the Volunteers in the Easter Uprising; they are discovered by the British and the crew scuttles the ship. Roger Casement, who is following behind the Aud in a submarine, lands safely, but is captured later

    1918 - Manfred von Richthofen, Germany's top aviator in World War I, was killed in action. Known as the Red Baron, he shot down 80 enemy aircraft.

    1945 - Soviet forces assaulted the headquarters of the German High Command in south Berlin.

    1994 - 'Guildford Four' man, Paul Hill, wins his appeal against a conviction for an IRA murder in Northern Ireland

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    And I just thought today was another sunny Thursday today??

    Nice one Big Paul. Great info - keeps life in perspective for me.

    (Someday you're gonner have to let us in on your secret knowlege treasure chest!
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